A communal board for LGBT events all around SF bay, updated 25/7! Seeking co-maintainers ❤️ was built with the personal hope that no LGBTQ+ person should be without community. The site will always be free, without frills, and remain a public utility. The events here are drawn from various organizer listings that contributors (thank you!) have provided. The listings are in a constant state of community-based vetting; don't hesitate to provide feedback here!

Before making plans, consider checking with venue staff or event organizers directly. This site is not affiliated with any events listed.

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Want your event listed here? You must be publishing a machine-readable feed of event data formatted in a compatible Event Source format. (This can be as simple as a public Google Calendar.) Once published, request inclusion of your event feed by submitting your event feed address to us via a new GitHub issue. You may also provide feedback, fixes, or improvements there! Thanks to recent advances in AI, you may also share your events as Instagram posts, but it comes at the expense of accuracy and Ivy's budget (nonexistent). Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made here!

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